While the economic and environmental importance of the Red Sea has long been recognized, our knowledge of its hydrography, microbial diversity and physicochemical properties remains inadequate. In March 2010, KAUST, together with its Global Collaborative Partners, launched its second major marine research expedition, KAUST Red Sea Expedition Spring 2010. Following up on the discoveries of KAUST Expedition Fall 2008, the expedition aims at investigating fundamental aspects of the oceanography and deep-sea environment of the Red Sea. The cruise has been subdivided into three “legs”, each following specific research goals....http://krse.kaust.edu.sa

P1020944.JPGKRB_6767_11981.JPGP1020933.JPGP1020939.JPGP1020937.JPGP1020934.JPGAEGAEO_at_KAUST.JPGAEGAEO_at_KAUST_1_.JPGKAUST Red Sea Expedition - Spring 2010